There and Back Again

I have been a fan of Paul Graham writings for years, long before Y Combinator was even a whisper, and he inspired me. He, along with the essays of a handful of authors, really made me appreciate for the first time the ability to write. Not just the ability to write, but the ability to write things that are persuasive, interesting and insightful.

Why does any of this matter? Well the crux of it is that from a very young age I was dismissive of writers and the ability to write. I would tell myself that writing was a skill anyone could have, and that the only people who were worth anything were the engineers and scientists. They are the ones who make things, create and innovate.  

For an individual who has from his teenage years read literally hundreds if not thousands of books, it took me long enough to "get it." I didn't really appreciate the skill of writing till I was in college. Now, with this blog, I am taking the first steps in what will be a long journey to becoming a good writer.

For many years I have had a tech blog for my random thoughts, occasional code snippet or topics I found  hard to search for on Google. It's not enough. I want something more substantial--something that I can cut my chops on. I hope to dedicate this blog to the things I am passionate about: start-ups, business, travel, throwing events, parties and random adventures. I'll keep my old blog the way it is, largely code with very few words.

Join me on this new adventure, and please write to me to help critique me. We all need feedback.

See you soon, I hope.

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